Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moving On, Again

2012 February 2

Tomorrow we leave Ft Myers Beach RV Resort and I am a little sad about it. We've been here two weeks and though it took a little adjusting to the closeness of the sites, it's begun to feel comfortable. It's a great location, especially for someone without a tow vehicle. Lots of places within walking distance. 

But the reason I am now feeling a little sad is that I have begun to meet people here. We met the people across the way, JP and Jill, and the folks along side us, Frank and Sue during our first week here. Yesterday I met Jeanie and Cliff, who invited us to go to dinner with them. We didn't go, but I wish we had. (I seem to be a little bit ahead of Raymond in the desire for socialization. He was reluctant to go out to dinner with people we just met. I think in time he'll get there, I just have to be patient.) I also met Marilyn yesterday at the pool. And then new neighbors moved in to our right, Pat and Tina, who are so sweet that they brought us back parfaits from Wendy's last night. They are all simply very nice people. I am sad to leave because of that. I know the people at the next park will probably also be nice. So, I know there is a bit of irrationality in my feelings, but I just really like all these folks and am just a little sad to be moving on.

But, the fact is we can't stay here when there are no February bargains for Thousand Trails members. Our first week here was $159. Since our second week involved three days at no discount the cost was $318.
The cost for a third week would've been $343. Since there is availability at Pine Island, which is just up the road, and the cost is $160 for seven days we will be moving along. Sigh.

Maybe I'll share the link for this blog with them. 

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