Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good Bye, Sweet Greyla

2014 Nov 29

It came to my attention yesterday that not every one of my friends is as frequent a visitor to Facebook as I am. That also led me to the realization that some of my friends may not be aware of the the life change that took place when we were visiting Pittsburgh from Nov 16 to 22. A transformation that will also lead to alterations in my blog.

We no longer are Me and Ray and a Dog named Grey. On November 17, in the late afternoon, our sweet Greyla Girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We pray she is pain free and playing peacefully with the many who went before her. She was/is loved. It was a decision that was a few months coming, but was inevitable. She had severe arthritic changes in her major weight bearing joints. In addition, she had lost nearly twenty pounds over the past six months, and had lost significant muscle mass in both her hips and shoulders. At the very end, she lost interest in food and even water. 

Because we are no longer the three of us, I will no longer be blogging under the title "Me and Ray and a Dog Named Grey". This blog will stand as a memorial to the three years we spent together as a threesome, on the road.

This has been a year of adaptations and changes. Perhaps that will be the name of the new blog, who knows? Right now, I can only say that I miss our psycho dog, as Toni called her. I find myself preparing to step over her as I move around in our RV, which suddenly seems more spacious. We made the hard decision, as Martha said, and know it was the right one, yet we still cry. 

Run free, Greyla. Know you were loved.