Saturday, January 28, 2012


2012 Jan 28

Wanted to share some of our latest experiences here at Ft. Myers Beach RV Resort. I've already mentioned that the sites are a little closer together than we're used to, and spaced oddly (for us), and that we met some lovely folks. 

The other day, Raymond and I went to the pool for a little while. Well, that was the intention, anyway. Since we went at midday, we planned to stay out for 30 minutes or so, because of my extreme reactions to heat and sun. (Ever since I had sun poisoning many years ago, I monitor my exposure. Too much sun/heat in combination and I become physically impaired) We ended up staying for about an hour, so that when we came home, I was feeling a little puny. I decided to cool down and lie down while Raymond watched his afternoon ESPN2 shows, in preparation for our walk to the local Target.

A couple of times while I was resting, I heard Greyla barking. During her third bark fest, I got up to see what in the world was causing her to be so vocal. Raymond was outside, talking with our next door neighbor, Frank. Apparently the earlier barking had been at Frank's wife, Sue.

Raymond came inside and explained that both Sue and Frank had been over to invite us  to their place for fried fish. Seems they had loads of fried fish that they wanted to share. Raymond had told them that I wasn't feeling great when they first invited us. The follow up visits were to encourage R to come over and at least make a plate to bring home.

Once I was up and functioning, I was happy to go, first for the company and second because it meant I didn't have to cook. So off we went, around the "corner" to Frank and Sue's. Let me say that Frank and Sue have been coming to this Park for a stay of three months every winter for many years and have loads of friends here in the Park.

So, I shouldn't have been surprised when we ventured into their yard to find approximately 20 - 30 people. Now, those who know me are aware that I do not do well in crowds, especially in crowds where I don't know anyone. Add to that my embarrassment at being the latecomers who brought nothing, including their own chairs. Frank and Sue were supremely gracious and even found chairs for us, while introducing us to everyone, and insisting that we eat. They were so nice, and, as it turns out, so were all their friends. The fish was delicious, as were all the accompanying dishes, at least all the ones I tried. In fact, I need to ask Sue if she can get me the recipe for the cole slaw I had, which was the best ever! 

The next morning I commented to R that it seemed to me, a bit like being the new kid and having the popular kids invite you to their lunch table. He thought I was goofy. But for me, that was what it seemed like. Well, IF the popular kids had ever done that! In some ways, though it does seem like high school, but in a GOOD way. I would say college, but in my college experience, there was always an underlying sexual tension. In high school, the sexual tension wasn't part of the equation. It felt the way my Grandma had promised me high school would be, friendly and high spirited. Gram, you are finally vindicated!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was a really good experience, with very nice people. What high school would've been if we all hadn't been so angst ridden. It makes me less anxious about meeting new people as we travel. 

The experience I had on our first camp out in the motorhome, has been reinforced. The feeling of safety in a small community of people, akin to being in a little village, that I experienced in the Meadville KOA, has been born out in each of the RV stops we've made, so far.  We've met lovely folks who were friendly, simply because they wanted to be kind, with no ulterior motives. In each of our stops, with the exception of the one in the Keys, we've met our neighbors and they have been lovely. From Terry and Jan, in Bradenton, to George, and  Margaret and Drew at Pioneer Village, to Sue and Frank and all their friends here in Ft. Myers, along with all the people I've met in the laundries and libraries, these are the people I will remember. These are the people I want to meet again. They are the ones who make this adventure interesting and worthwhile.

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