Friday, February 3, 2012

Headed to Pine Island

2012 February 3

Today we left Ft Myers Beach Resort. While I was still in bed, Sue and Frank stopped by to say farewell, as they were on their way to visit a friend. They have been so sweet and kind. And they have the best idea! They gave Raymond their card. They have personal cards made up with their home address, phone numbers and email address. What a great way to provide information to those you meet along the road.

We happened to notice JP and Jill getting ready to head out, so we stopped them in order to say good bye. We exchanged emails. Since they are from Cleveland, you never know if we may run into them again.

We had to knock on Frank and Tina's door, to ask them to move their car so that we could back out of our space. Shared our email and the link to the blog with them. They're from Jersey and also two of the nicest people. I mean they brought us back ice cream their first night in the park!

We didn't get to see Marilyn or Jeanie and Cliff, although I wish we had thought to give them our email or the link to the blog. 

After leaving the park, we headed to a Petco to get some food for Greyla. It's always a challenge to find space to park the motorhome in the local malls. In some places you can simply take up two spaces, front to back. In the Petco mall, that wasn't an option, so we parked perpendicular to everyone, taking up about four spaces. It was a quick stop. Then I ran into the Dollar Tree hoping to find a plastic table cloth for use on the picnic tables at the campgrounds. None. Oh well. There are a few things we'd like to get to make our spots more homey, but maybe a stop at Camping World will happen soon. 

Thank goodness Raymond is good directionally, because I am not! He righted us when I made a wrong turn early on.

We then trekked along until we knew we were getting close to Pine Island, and stopped when we spotted an easy access Publix. Decided we should get whatever supplies we'd be needing for the next week, maybe two. Again, leaving their parking lot, Raymond's faultless sense of direction kept us from turning the wrong way on Santa Barbara Blvd. If I had been alone, I would've gone in the opposite direction.

As we approached Pine Island, through Matlachla, there were lots of folks walking around the cute little shops. Just as I looked over at one of the stores, along the two lane road, I spotted Jill, our across-the-street-neighbor from Ft Myers Beach Resort!  She happened to look at us at exactly the same moment, and I waved. She waved back, with an expression of shock and surprise, which I am sure mirrored my own! That put a smile on my face for several miles!

Upon our arrival at Pine Island, two employees in a golf cart met us and escorted us to our site, which is in a very quiet part of the park. The sites are wider than at the previous campground, and we are parked on a concrete pad, which I prefer. Since the closest store is about 3 miles away, we are glad to have made that Publix stop. Although, the escorts did tell us that there is an activities bus which for a very small fee, takes campers on various outings, for instance to the Flea Market, which is where they were today.  We plan to check out the schedule at the office later. Raymond is concerned about leaving Greyla, but I think if we tire her out before leaving and turn the AC on, along with the radio, she'll be fine. Especially since she seems to finally be adapting to the RV as home.

Because of the location of Pine Island, between the mainland and Sanibel Island, the bird watching here is supposed to be very good. I hope so. I'm looking forward to spotting lots of birds. Maybe we'll drag out the telescope, too, since there will hopefully be less light pollution here. 

The Park itself has lots of activities, although what they don't have is ESPN on their cable. Poor Raymond was VERY disappointed. I am finding that very often I simply forget what night I use to watch TV at home and don't bother looking at it very much. I did get to see "Being Human" on SyFy the past two weeks. But, more often than not, I will listen to a hockey game if the Pens are playing and forgo TV. I haven't watched either NCIS since we've been on the road and I've only seen "Bones" once.

I guess this is sort of a rambling update. Sorry.  In spite of the ESPN thing, we may end up staying  here for a couple of weeks. So far, we're enjoying the peace and quiet.

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