Monday, February 17, 2014


2014 February 17

What a long strange winter this one has been. It started early for us, back in the in beginning of November, when we were in Pennsylvania. When we escaped to Florida, we had high hopes for sunlight, at least, and warmth at best. Unfortunately, Mama Nature did not seem supportive of our desires. The weather has been an aberration in this part of Florida. Storms, rain, winds, and cool temps have been much more prevalent than what the locals assure us is "normal' for these parts. Still, I suppose we have little too complain about. At least we haven't been freezing while shoveling inches of snow constantly. Nor have we had to endure power losses or freezing pipes.

Somehow,though, it seems a teeny bit unfair that as we approach our leave by date, of March 1, we are finally looking at the first full week of normal temperatures and sunshine.

Well, we'll enjoy it while we have it, and hope that Mama Nature calms down and finds her groove in the coming year

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