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A Day Trip Adirondack Style

2013 August 17

A Day Trip Adirondack Style

Saranac River
Since the weather was beautiful and the mountains were calling, we decided a day trip to one of the closest parts of the Adirondack Mountains was a good way to spend the day. We drove along Route 3, through little towns like Cadyville, Picketts Corner, Saranac, Redford, and Riverview,as we drove into the mountains and along the Saranac River. Our destination, Saranac Lake.

It was a lovely drive, although, truth be told, our little car was less than thrilled when attempting even moderate climbs. But, no matter. We were in no hurry, and whenever possible scooted over far to our right so that other travelers could pass. One of the great things about not having to be anywhere by any particular time frame, is the ability to let others pass you by.

View of mountains off in the distance, along Route 3

A little corner of Lake Saranac from the town center and park

The town of Lake Saranac had a pretty little park, where we stretched our legs and took in the local color. There was also a visitor center where we scored some great maps, and information from the helpful lady who worked there. She suggested we drive east on Route 86 to Lake Placid. She warned us that the Main Street area would be crowded with sightseers and shoppers, but told us we would be rewarded for our patience, if we simply continued on.

Our view, once we got beyond the crowds
She was right. The crowds, and full parking lots, and traffic thinned out once made it through the town proper. And we were rewarded with beautiful mountain vistas.

Beauty, peace, sunshine, and the glory of the Adirondack Mountains

One of the maps we acquired was of NY State Scenic Byways, which we employed as we decided which route to follow from Lake Placid. We choose to stay on 86, to the point where it joined with Route 9 North. Our only error in judgment came when we choose Route 22 North, rather than staying with 9. We ended up taking an intimate tour of the general Plattsburgh area, which included driving right past Plattsburgh International Airport.

We regretted avoiding I-87, as we continued our trek north on Route 22, but it was still a very pleasant day trip. Perhaps we'll plan an excursion deeper into the Adirondack Mountains while we are still in this area. We simply need to leave earlier  and plan better, which is easy peasy, especially since we have our map of the NY Scenic Byways, now.  

Even Greyla enjoyed our ride.

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