Wednesday, July 17, 2013


2013 July 17

So Many Possibilities

Our plan was to leave the Pittsburgh area around the end of July. We thought we would travel north east into upstate New York, near the Canadian border, so that I could finally meet my friend Princess, whom I have know as an online friend and support for at least seven years, possibly longer. There are other online Canadian friends in Ontario and Quebec, whom I would also like to meet. We have already been to all the New England states, just not in the motor home. The real reason for the trip is to meet Princess, and possibly, Anick, Shelley, and Jenn. 

The other part of the plan was to travel through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, with the target of returning to Pittsburgh in late September, for my Dad's next oncology appointment, as well as a battery of my own appointments. Then, we were heading to Florida's Nature Coast for a monthly lot rental that has the possibility of becoming a several month lot rental, in what seems like a great community.

We received an email this morning which opened up a great opportunity. Specifically, an eight month work camping assignment in an area we love, and in a state where we may want to settle, eventually. [Yes, settle. After lots of discussion the last few days, it has become clear that R is tired of being a nomad. While he likes traveling, he would like very much to have a "home base". And even though I am not yet to that point, I do understand his feelings and think it's important to reach some sort of compromise.] The other plus of the location is that it would be within a single day drive of Pittsburgh, which is important to me given my Dad's fragile health. 

Then Raymond and I began to talk…

We talked and talked. And there are more discussions scheduled :)

We have been comparing and contrasting all our options. In the mix, we are trying to be fiscally responsible. So now, we are considering heading to the rental lot in Florida for an August 1, instead of an October 1, arrival. This would ultimately save us money. I would still need to travel back to Pittsburgh in late September, but we're looking at how cost effective driving back in the little car would be vs flying back, for me alone. Especially when factoring in the monthly saving we would realize while renting this particular lot in Florida. In the mix, would be either foregoing any visits to my Canadian friends, OR, simply leaving the RV at R's brothers during the time it would take to drive Canada in the little car, staying at cheap motels, if necessary, then driving back to get the RV and heading south. 

All of these ideas came up right before I was leaving for the car dealership, where I am at present, as they replace the compressor for our AC. So, they are simply rough ideas. No real thought put into any possibilities yet. No cost analysis. No anything, except for ideas. 

Later, we will discuss all this even more. Then I will probably run some of it by my brother Vinny, for a fresh set of eyes and perspectives. In a way, the offer of the work camping job, plus an extended Florida stay will go a long way to giving R the sense of "place" he needs.  It will also help us to get back on track financially. And we can't really settle down even semi-permanently, until we are out from under our current commitment with the home we had on Pittsburgh's North Side, which won't happen until December 2014. 

So much to consider, both in the short term and the long term. 

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  1. ha ha. . .I promise I'm not laughin' at you. . .promise. . .but we discuss things to death too. ..well, at least I discuss. . .that's why it took us three years to buy a motorhome. There's no rush.. .you guys will work it all out! Good luck!