Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Raymond!

2013 July 1

Technically, not till 11:45pm, but since we celebrate for the entirety of July 1 (and actually claim a "birthday month" for all of July), I am wishing my husband of 28 years, a very happy 64th birthday!

You, Raymond, are a good man and  husband, a good friend and human being. You have always been rather low key. But in your low key nature, you are thoughtful, fair, reasonable, honest, and generous. I would love to say that I was fully aware of all these traits when I met you back in the  1977. While I may have seen evidence of some of these parts of your personality, if I'm honest, I was impressed by your legs. There! I've said it out loud, in public! I was smitten by those huge calves and thighs that resulted from all your bicycling up and down the hills of Pittsburgh. 

I thank God that you were more than just a set of handsome legs!

You have been a rock to lean on through many difficult circumstances. Most recently, you have been calm and supportive, bearing with me
through a complete change of our haphazardly laid plans, as we altered course from a planned late winter in Texas, followed by spring in California, Oregon and Washington, to be followed by summer in Idaho, Montana, and possibly, Michigan. Your comment each time we discussed these past 4 plus months here in western PA, has been, "…but it's your Dad, so I understand." You really do understand. Probably better than I do, at this point.

You deserve a very happy birthday. You deserve a very happy LIFE! So, here is my Happy Birthday wish for you to have the best birthday month of your life, so far! And, I pray for many more of these occasions in our future together. 


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  1. Happy Birthday Ray! Hope to meet you both somewhere down the road!