Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wind Began To Switch

2012 Apr 26

Crazy Wind!

The wind that was supposed to arrive yesterday is now here! Earlier this afternoon, after lunchtime, the wind began to pick up. At 3:30 pm I checked the local forecast and the winds were blowing around 25 mph. They predicted that over several hours we would experience high winds and gusting up to 50 mph. It is currently 5:00 pm and those gusts have arrived.  

The space we are in is on the windward side of the hill and it is a little unnerving when the motor home begins to list from side to side. And it is a warm, desert wind. We experienced something similar when we were camped at White's City RV Park, only then it came during the night.

Poor Greyla is totally stressed, which is kind of surprising, since she doesn't normally react to thunder storms, or fireworks, like some dogs we've had. Still, this is wind stuff is pretty new stuff for her. For a little bit she huddled under the dinette table, while Raymond & I were playing with our laptops. Then a massive gust blew through the dinette wind and with it came loads of dust. Now, with the window closed, and the dust cleaned up, we're   just trying to wait out these blustery conditions and keep our doggie calm. 

So glad we decided to stay here at Lake Cochiti for two nights. Who knows, if the wind continues tomorrow, we may stay put for an additional night. I definitely will not drive with these type of gusts happening. Too easy to lose control of the vehicle. Besides, this is a very lovely Park. More about that later.


  1. Oh goodness. . .it's the ONLY time I don't like RV'ing during thunderstorms and windstorms. . .so unnerving. . .and I agree, you are very wise to stay put until the winds die down. . .just crazy to be out in that when you don't need to. . .

    Safe travels,

  2. We had some high winds in FL, but nothing like we experienced last night! After I posted this, they reissued a high wind warning for 50 mph with gusts up to 75 mph. We put in our slide bc we were afraid the cover would get ripped off in the gusts. Surprisingly, R's Tailgater satellite receiver worked thru the whole wind storm without interruption! God thing, since R was watching the NFL draft :D