Saturday, April 28, 2012

After the Storm

2012 April 27

We survived the wind storm that blew through the Corp of Engineers Park we were staying in at Cochiti Lake, New Mexico. Shortly after I posted to the blog about the wind and the weather channel's predictions, we received an updated warning. The sustained wind was estimated to be around 50 mph, with gusts of 75 mph! It was very scary. We already had our awning in, but when those heavy gusts started, I suggested we pull in our slide, since I was worried the cover might be lifted off. The winds howled for what seemed like forever, but was really about two hours. When the wind began to decrease a little, the ryan started. It was a strange rain. I'm guessing the type you get in desert climates. Big drops, but not a heavy rain. Just enough to make streaks in our dust covered motor home. The amazing thing to me was the drop in temperature. When the wind began, the temp was about 80 F. By the time the wind had run its course, and the rain had dissipated, we were at 50 F. Overnight we probably dipped into the high 40s.

But when day broke, it was beautiful. Here are the morning shots I took to prove it.

Taken from our bed upon awakening

Also taken from our bed

Morning from the side window
Morning from the dinette window


  1. What a sacrifice to wake up to such a beautiful view. . .