Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sometimes You Just Want Pizza

2011 April 13

Spending a couple of days at Whip In RV Park just outside Big Spring, Texas turned out to be a really good idea. First, it was nice to just take a break from driving, since we are, after all, retired and have only the most rudimentary of schedules. Second, it was important since we had not yet done our taxes. So, we spent most of our full rest day, organizing and getting our taxes done. And third, the winds were picking up and I really didn't want to drive in them if I could avoid it.

Sunset sky @ Whip In RV Park, Big Spring, TX

On our first night at the campground, we tried to order pizza, since Raymond had been craving it for some time. The map we received at check in had a pizza place listed that said it delivered. Unfortunately, that place must have gone out of business, since the phone number was disconnected. But, since we have our trusty pizza finder app on our phone, we were able to find several other local pizza shops. Finding one that would deliver "outside the city limits" was another thing, altogether. After striking out with Pizza Hut, Domino's and some extremely rude people at Pizza Inn, we were fortunate to contact Papa Georgio's. They were kind, professional, and willing to deliver just outside the city limits. The bonus was that the pizza was very good and the salad I ordered was big enough for two meals, in addition to be very tasty. And the delivery guy was funny, too. 

So, if you're staying in Big Spring, Texas, and you're hungry for pizza, give them a try. We liked them so much that we had their pizza, along with their chicken wings the next night. We felt we owed ourselves a special treat after finally getting the taxes done!

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