Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eunice, New Mexico

2012 April 14

Our drive on our travel day was not a particularly long one. We headed out of Big Spring, Texas, which, by the way touts itself as "the Lighted Poinsettia Capital of the World", and headed toward Carlsbad, New Mexico. We chose to take I 20 west only as far as Texas 176, which we then stayed on until about 30 miles outside of Carlsbad. Texas 176, became NM 176, quite seamlessly, and with just the slightest change in topography from flat Texas oil fields, to gradual, slightly rolling hill-ettes. We were enjoying the drive in the sunshine. The only thing that was slightly troubling was the intensity of the wind and occasional wind gusts. We knew we would be traveling in high winds, so we weren't taken by surprise. It was more than what we had anticipated. Thank goodness it wasn't a long drive. 

Eunice Municipal Park, Eunice, New Mexico

We had a pleasant surprise just outside the city limits of Eunice, New Mexico. There was a rest area along the side of NM 176, where we pulled over to have our lunch and take a break from the winds. It was called the Eunice Municipal Park and there was a sign at the entrance saying that camping is permitted for three days at the park. It further stated that longer periods of camping are permitted with a permit obtained at the Eunice Municipal Offices. This is the first time we have seen anything like this. The park had little shelters from the sun, and even had water available. No toilet facilities except for a port-a-pottie, but still a nice surprise. 

Another surprise we had at this little park was a little yellow dog. He was a bit muddy about his head, but seemed friendly enough. At first, I was concerned that someone had dropped him off and I was worried that he would get hit by a truck, since the park is just several yards away from a 70 mph road with truck traffic. But upon closer inspection, he didn't seem to be thin, or injured. Greyla was none too thrilled with him, though. I was leaning toward picking him up and taking him with us, when he tore off toward a building further back in the park. Turned out he was at work with the person who was in the park building. Just as well. As I said, Greyla wasn't thrilled. He was really a cute little guy, though. After we had our lunch and took Greyla for a walk, he returned. I think he just wanted to see if he could mooch a few more treats before we left. 

Little Yellow Dog, Muddy

Between the little park which allows extended camping, and the little yellow dog, New Mexico has already won my heart!

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