Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Up the Road We Go

2012 March 20

Happy Spring! 

Seems odd to say that when we haven't experienced anything even close to winter this year. We have been in warm weather since we entered South Carolina, on December 18. Oh, there have been a few cool mornings that required a hoodie, or a fleece, but basically we have been warm all winter long. It changes my perspective somewhat. 

In northern Florida, it did smell like spring, though, and I love that smell. Here in Mississippi, it has been hot (to me) and humid, with mosquitoes that seem to be starving. A local guy, Mike, who was camped next to us, said they didn't have much of what usually passes for winter around here. He seemed to think that was the reason the mosquitoes were so ferocious already. 

Being very sensitive to hot weather, and humidity, I am uncertain I could visit Mississippi in the summer. That goes for Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and probably Arkansas, too.

Arkansas, that's where we're headed next. Today & tomorrow are basically travel days, with rest built in whenever we need it and stops as we desire. Life in the motor home is good, but would be easier with a tow vehicle. We get to see some sights and do some things, if they are close enough to where we camp, or if they have a place to park a 30 feet long motor home. 

We saw something on Sunday Morning (a TV show on CBS) while we still in Pittsburgh, about a new art museum, built by one of the Walmart heirs and we need to do some research to find out where it is and all the incidentals, since we would love to visit there.

Looking forward to Crater of Diamonds State Park, too. It's been on my "to visit" list for many years. Kind of wish my brothers, Vinny and David, were with us for that. The three of us love treasure hunting and we would have a blast together. Well, no reason we can't visit again someday with them, right?

Well, time to do the RV check and get on the road...  

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