Saturday, March 24, 2012

People. Who Knew There Were So Many Nice Ones?

2012 Mar 24

The people we meet continue to delight and astound me! While staying at LeFleur's Bluff State Park, in Jackson, Mississippi, we met a gentleman named Mike, who happened to be camped at the site next to ours. First, he complimented our dog. That was enough to open the doors of communication. He chatted with us about the park, about the ferocity of the mosquitoes, about some of the places we've been, about fishing, and about his home state, Alabama. We talked up the friendliness of the South, the beauty of the Mississippi State Parks, and they amenities they offer, as compared to Pennsylvania State  Parks. While we were inside the RV, organizing junk, he brought over and laid at our fire pit, several huge logs. When we later went out to thank him for his generosity, he came over and shared his Deep Woods Off, as well. 

Mike is just one of the latest examples of really nice people whom we've met. From now on, I will try to remember to take pictures of these folks! And if they are amenable, I will post some of them here in the future.

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