Friday, November 15, 2013

Plans For Getting On The Road Again

2013 Nov 15

Plans For Getting On the Road Again

As long as the surgeon appointment on November 26 goes well, and there is no indication it won't, we will once again be hitting the road in our RV. 

This year has been a major hiccup for us as full timers. Except for six weeks at the beginning of the year, and nine weeks in late summer, we have been stationary in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh. First, at Mountain Top Campground, in Tarentum, which was the only available campground in mid February. Then we moved the RV to Zelienople and Indian Brave Campground. Then, we camped in Ray's brother and sister in law's driveway, before heading out to the north country of New York, as well as Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Our return trip through Pittsburgh was to have been a ten day stop, again in the Kleppick driveway in Cranberry Township. It morphed into an over two month stay when it was determined that my neck surgery shouldn't wait until Spring.

Now, we have a departure date. We're not as clear on an arrival date in Crystal River, mainly because I haven't driven any long distances since September. The plan is to take it as easy as necessary, and to arrive, probably, before December 1. 

In preparation of our leaving taking, Raymond spent many hours in the RV yesterday. His plan was organizing and cleaning. Instead, he became stink bug hunter extraordinaire! When we arrived back here in late September, the stink bugs were EVERYWHERE! As the weather got cooler, they disappeared. One day, in very early October, I was organizing our bathroom cabinet and found about thirty of the little buggers along the rear wall of the top shelf. It grossed me out, but I managed to catch them all and flush them. They seemed rather slow and less reactive than usual. My brother in law explained that they were probably preparing to hibernate. Eww! So, when Raymond started moving things around in the over cab area yesterday, what he found were many, many, many, stink bugs, hunkered down for their long winter's naps. Since we have no intention of allowing them to travel with us, war has been declared on the stink bugs. Raymond will attack again today, after he watches Mike and Mike, and Colin on ESPN. He's on his own again today, as I am headed to see my Dad. Tomorrow, we will fight together! 

It is amazing the spots these critters choose to sleep for the cold season. Raymond has a collection of baseball caps that he wears daily. Whichever ones are not being worn are sort of stacked up on each other. He found stink bugs in each of his hats. Not looking forward to tomorrow. Maybe Ray will get them all today. Keep a good thought.


  1. UGH! perhaps that is why we are still seeing them. . .maybe I need to go scavenging as well. . .

    I know you guys will be happy to be back on the road!

    Safe travels

    1. It's so gross! When there's one or two, I can deal, but hundreds :(
      Plus these guys were irritated to have their hibernation disturbed, so they were releasing their scent.

  2. It was such an agonizing decision to postpone your departure for your surgery, but YEAH it's on the horizon! So happy for you. :-)

    1. I'm having mixed emotions, though. Part of me really wants to stay here with my Dad, but I just can't ask Raymond to stay here any longer. He has been so patient in putting everything on hold for me this year.