Monday, September 9, 2013

Shelburne, New Hampshire and The Moose Tour

2013 September 3-5

Shelburne, New Hampshire and the Moose Tour

The drive to Shelburne was beautiful. The mountains were lovely and there wasn't much traffic. Our campground, White Birches Parking Camp, was just outside the town of Gorham. We chose it sight unseen, because it was an Escapees affiliate. The view from our site was amazing.

Our View

While walking Greyla, I met our neighbors, Gerry and Pete, from Sherbrooke, Quebec. They loved Greyla, which endeared them to me. We talked about the Moose Tour offered by the town of Gorham and about the beauty of the area. They were such great people that I wished we could've change dour plans and stayed there longer to get to know them better. But, our time in Maine would  already be very limited, so that was out of the question.

After some discussion with Raymond, we decided to go on the Moose Tour that evening. It was a good decision.

The Moose Tour departed from Gorham town center around 6:30 PM, with our tour guide being, Laurie, the moose lady. The tour was supposed to be three hours, but ended up closer to three and a half. Laurie drove the small bus, with its two front mounted, movable spotlights throughout the hills and dales of Gorham, Berlin, Milan, and all along Androscoggin River. Her efforts were rewarded. In all, we saws seven moose, several deer and a porcupine. The moose broke down into two sets of cows with yearlings, two bulls, and one lone cow. Unfortunately, in the few pictures I tried to take, no one except me would recognize the subject as a bull moose, due to the lack of lighting. But, it was a great experience and well worth the $25 apiece the tour cost. 

Raymond, being a REALLY good sport

Laurie was full of information, too.  Since moving to New Hampshire from Boston six years ago, she has made herself into "The Moose Lady", and spends much of her free time "mooseing". She shared with us her scrapbooks of photographs and moose clippings. 

We generally don't go in for "touristy" stuff, but we both enjoyed the Moose Tour.

In case you didn't believe me :) That's a moose, honest!


  1. I've put the Moose Tour on our 'to do' list for when we head to Maine again. Thanks!

  2. I'm so happy you were able to see them. . .Jeannie and Eldo, of Where's Eldo looked everywhere in Maine for moose last summer, and never saw them. . .you did good!

    1. Without the Tour, I never would've seen any either! Mostly because, I wouldn't have been out driving in the dark :) but also bc I wouldn't have known where to look. The guide, Laurie, gave us tips on what to look for when "mooseing", and they were things I never would've guessed.