Monday, August 19, 2013

The Amber Waves Band

2013 August 11

The Amber Waves Band

I've  been Facebook friends with Cheryl who is the Mama of the Amber Waves Band for maybe a year or longer. As a family, they hit the road around the same time we did, to become full-time travelers. The big differences between them and us, is that they are a family with four children, the parents are younger than we are (obviously), they travel in a converted bus and must have a source of income to support themselves and the kids, and they are a family of musicians. Whereas, we are retired, have an income (thank you, pension), travel in a small motorhome, and have no marketable skills if we did have to support ourselves. 

Anyway, I've read Cheryl's posts about their kids, travels, music, faith, over these many months and thought how great it would be to meet them, and to hear them play.

So, I was astounded when I read they were in Plattsburgh, about 25 miles from our campsite. Then I was even more astounded when I read they would be playing at West Chazy Community Church! West Chazy is a mere eight miles from us. I immediately put it on our calendar, and hoped that Raymond wouldn't be too put off by the fact that they were playing in a church.

We arrived just as the Amber Waves Band was beginning. It was great to see them and even better to hear them! So much talent in one family! They played old bluegrass hymns, some classic bluegrass standards, many original works, a new twist to a song by Manhattan Transfer, and, Raymond's favorite, a song by The Dillards.

It was worth the wait! We really enjoyed the music. And, if you are a fan of bluegrass, check out the Amber Waves Band. You won't be disappointed. And you'll be supporting a talented family of full-time travelers in living their dream.

I apologize the the quality of the photos. They were taken with my phone and I apparently was not patient enough to allow for proper focusing.

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