Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yes, I'm Posting Stuff We Did in June!

2012 Aug 24

When we left Green River Wyoming, we headed east and north, ending up in Casper. The drive through Wyoming was lovely; not much traffic, great scenery, and cheap gas. Since we generally don't make reservations ahead of time, we arrived in Casper, certain that we would be able to find a campsite at one of the, at least four local campgrounds. Never assume! At the first place we stopped, as we walked through the office door, we were asked if we had a reservation, to which we replied in the negative. The women working there informed us that they were filled, as were at least two of the other three campgrounds, due to the College Rodeo weekend. Oops. They did suggest that we try River's Edge CG, since they had only opened on the third of the month, and might not be full yet, on June 9th. We called from the parking lot and were assured of a place for a night, maybe two or three.

When we arrived at River's Edge, they had one space open and available for three days. We paid for two days and opted for a possible additional day, saying we would let Lois, the new manager, know by Sunday if we were planning to stay the extra day. Sunday I went to the office to pay for the third day and was told that our site wasn't available due to some oversight by the old manager, on her last day. Apparently the people who were booked for that site were scheduled to arrive Tuesday afternoon. So when we arrived on Sat, Lois, the new manager gave us the site. Since we weren't sure if we would stay until Tuesday, we paid for just two nights, with the provision that we'd let her know if we wanted night number three. Meanwhile, the people who were to arrive on Tuesday, meanwhile, called, spoke to the old manager who as one of her last acts, told them it was no problem for them to arrive a day early for their one month stay. It was a simple miscommunication between the old and new managers. They did offer us another site which meant we'd have to move for one night. That was fine with us. Things happen, right? So imagine my surprise when the new manager said, "And what we'd like to do is offer you that site at no cost since it was our error." Woohoo! A free night! How cool is that!

Later that day, we asked Lois if there were any restaurants locally that would deliver to the campground. I was craving food cooked by someone else, and since we don't have a vehicle other than our RV, delivery was needed. Unfortunately, Lois said she wasn't aware of any places that would deliver, but mentioned that The Lime Leaf Bistro had really good food.

Casper is a fairly large town, by Wyoming standards, and we decided to check out the yellow pages. Imagine our surprise when the notation in the ad for The Lime Leaf Bistro mentioned that they deliver. After some minor difficulty communicating with the folks at TLLB, and trying to be sure they had appropriate directions, I am happy to report that we received our dinner of mushroom duck, for Raymond, and General Tso's chicken for me, along with spring rolls to share. I am also happy to report that the food was excellent and abundant! In fact, we had two dinners out of it. 

We learned a couple of things while in Casper. For one thing, always be gracious, especially  if the foul up was someone else's fault. You might end up with agree night in a nice campground. If someone tells you something, it doesn't hurt to check for yourself. You might find out some information that will benefit everyone. And lastly, REAL cowboys live and work in Wyoming, not Texas. 


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