Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So Much to Catch Up

Due to some hints from a good friend via email (Thanks, Marty) I realized that I have been lax in blogging about our lifestyle and all the places we've been recently. 

The lapse began when we arrived at Grand Canyon National Park. I was arrested by the beauty and grandeur, the power and majesty, and the history and stories involving the Grand Canyon. This was my third visit. The first having taken place in 1971 and the second, a hiking trip, in 1975. I felt inadequate to explain how I feel when I am at the Grand Canyon. 

The single word that best describes my reaction, as well as the Grand Canyon's effect on me is, BREATHTAKING! But somehow, that isn't enough. Although, my breath was taken away at my first glimpse of the Canyon in late afternoon, as a storm approached, this trip. It also was my most frequent reaction each time I gazed at the Canyon, regardless of  what area of the South Rim I was viewing at any given time. Even now, as I think about it, I am moved to tears. There is a connection I cannot even begin to explain. Somehow, I thought it would sound ridiculous, so I've avoided sharing.

Words, at least my puny words cannot possibly relate the way I feel at the Grand Canyon. 

Instead, here are a few photos. Perhaps they can convey what my vocabulary cannot.

All these are photos taken at the Grand Canyon by Raymond and by me.  It is my hope that somehow something in theses images manages to convey the wonder I feel with each visit to the Grand Canyon.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I've actually never been to the Grand Canyon but I know the feeling of being speechless seeing His Grandeur. Great scriptures to accompany the pics.

  2. Great pics, JM! I haven't been to the Grand Canyon, but it looks amazing.

  3. I understand exactly what you are saying. . .and Lord knows, no matter how great the photography. . .the Grand Canyon is one of those places you absolutely MUST EXPERIENCE first hand. . .

    I had never been there. . .so that was my first bucket list item after retirement. . .

    Absolutely amazing. . .