Friday, March 30, 2012

On the Road, Again

2012 March 29

Our time recently, has been spent getting lost, finding the Thousand Trails, at Lake Tawakoni, in Texas and waiting for me to feel better.

When we left Arkansas, our map app on our phone, combined with my lack of direction, and Arkansas's lack of directional road signs, made for an additional 90 minutes, driving in a huge circle. When we finally managed to get ourselves righted and headed to I-30, we were aware that this leg was not going to be the easy hop we had envisioned. 

We made it to Sulpher Springs, Texas, where we had earlier located a CVS Pharmacy using the internet. We needed to pick up my prescriptions, as I had been without my anti-hypertensives for a few days. Even when we thought we knew where we were going, we got turned around, so we added a bit extra to the driving time, again! (In our defense, people gave rather poor directions. No specificity. Anyway…) We needed to pick up just a few items at a grocery store, and I saw a Super Walmart, so that's where we stopped. Raymond took the cart, to go in search of beer, while I managed the rest of the list: paper plates, dog treats, bread, laundry soap, and a snack. When I had finished finished and Ray was nowhere around our designated meeting spot, I went to where I thought the beer would be, figuring I'd hook up with R and be on our way. Only, there was no beer anywhere in the refrigerated area. I spotted I guy who looked like he might know the answer, and asked him, "Can you buy beer in grocery stores in Texas?" His response: "You can, but not in this one." He elaborated, "Sulpher Springs is dry. You need to go down the road to Emory to get beer, they're wet."  Well, OK, then. Off I went in search of my husband. 

After locating Raymond, we checked out of Walmart, double checked the map and realized that Emory was on our way to Lake Tawakoni. What we didn't count on was how small Emory was and the lack of stores on the road we were traveling. Still no beer for Ray.

As we came upon the intersection where we needed to turn for the last couple of miles to Lake Tawakoni, we saw a quickie mart, where R found out that if you want beer, you drive, "Down the road to Doc's". Seriously, those were the directions he got! I suppose they must've included some pointing, because Raymond indicated a direction. About a mile further, in the opposite direction from where we wanted to go, we did indeed find Doc's. Raymond got his beer and all was right with the world. For now.

We turned back and made the correct turn for the Thousand Trails on Lake Tawakoni. We were glad to make it there before full on sunset. But let's just say, nothing was as we expected.

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