Thursday, March 1, 2012

Learning As We Go

2012 March 1

Relaxing in Encore Fort Myers Beach

We are approaching the eleven week anniversary of being 'on the road', tomorrow.  How can that be? In some ways, it seems much longer that we've been tooling around in the south, and it seems especially longer that we've been in Florida. But, in other aspects, it seems like a very short time since we drove away from our house, heading to warmer climes and a whole new way of living.

Raymond and Greyla @ Pine Island in St James City, Fl
We celebrated Christmas in Bradenton, and New Years in Big Pine Key. On Martin Luther King Day we were in North Fort Myers. We celebrated our anniversary in St James City, but spent Valentine's Day, a few days later, in Venice, as well as President's Day. My birthday was a travel day, between Cedar Key and our current location in Carrabelle.

The Myakka River @ Rambler's Rest in Venice
<3 Jan & Marty :)

Greyla watching the river run

It's been mostly loads of fun, interesting, and a wonderful opportunity. We have met people new to us and gotten reacquainted with some we've known before. We've spent time together. Really, how could we avoid it? It's been good to rediscover each other without all the day to day distractions. We've also had one major blow out. Again, how could we avoid it? But all in all, this change has been good.

Raymond & sunset @ Sunset Isle in Cedar Key, FL

Joe & Sam, Boykin Spaniels from SC, our neighbors @ Sunet Isle.

Now, I'm looking forward to getting the heck out of Florida! Perhaps if we had stayed in Venice or Fort Myers, or even North Fort Myers, I wouldn't be so anxious to move on, but since driving north of Tampa, the weather has been less than sunny, about 10 -15 degrees cooler and very damp. I'm really ready to leave Florida behind and take the adventure elsewhere. Ah, there's the rub. For some reason, we were feeling the need to know where we were going to stay next, so as we prepared to leave Venice, we made reservations at two private campgrounds and two state parks. So, even though we are both ready to leave the Sunshine State, we find ourselves looking at already paid for sites in two state parks in the next week. 

Our view at HoHum RV Park in Carrabelle, FL

It's OK, though. It's another lesson learned. While it may be appropriate to schedule in some instances, especially in Florida, in the prime months, it is not always in our best interest to schedule long term. We're learning to leave ourselves some wiggle room.

We're also getting much better at communicating our interests and desires. Today we spent some time looking at the map of the US and talking about all the places we'd like to go. In the midst of that discussion, we found that we both would like to visit Arkansas, since neither of us has ever been there. So, when we finally depart from Pensacola, later this month, we're heading on through Mississippi, Louisiana and into Arkansas. It's a bit of a departure from the original plan, where we would continue along the Gulf Coast to finally end up in Texas, but we are both agreed that we're getting bored with seabirds and water vistas. We need to change things up.

We've also decided to play fast and loose with the whole where will we spend the night thing. I mean isn't part of this lifestyle supposed to be about going with the flow? And once we leave the more congested, touristy places behind, I'm betting we won't have a problem finding a camp site. And, if we do, there's always Walmart, or Cracker Barrel, right?  

Now what we do need to find out soon, is where you go to have the oil changed in your Class C. Suggestions?

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  1. awww. . .now you're getting the hang of it. It does take some time for it all to happen. Our first trip out was supposed to last three months. . .we had it all DONE in six weeks, and we were worn out. . .we had to learn to slow down and go with the flow. . .it gets easier.

    I hope you'll make it to Hot Springs in Arkansas. . .yes, it's a little touristy, but still a very, very beautiful, historical place to see! Enjoy the journey. . .